What to Expect


Counselling is a confidential forum. It is up to you how much private information you discuss with your counsellor. Your counsellor will protect your business confidentially. However, there may be current or retrospective items in relation to;

  • threats to life and/or welfare;
  • the safety of children, that need to be taken outside the counselling forum.


Counselling is a professional relationship that is bound by professional standards and ethics. It is important that it be understood as a formal, working relationship and not a friendship or social relationship.


Will be arranged at the end of each session at a time suitable to both you and counsellor. In the event that you cannot keep an appointment, the counsellor would appreciate at least 48 hours notice. In the event that the counsellor cannot keep the appointment, they will likewise endeavour to give you at least 48 hours notice.


The fees will be agreed. There is a lower cost option which can be discussed based on individual circumstances.


You can terminate your counselling at any time you choose. However, you may wish to consider this with your counsellor in advance.


In the case of an emergency, it may be necessary to contact the emergency contact name or GP as provided.

When the above is agreed, we will look at what brought you to counselling.